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How To Bring Forestcore Decor To Your Interiors

How To Bring Forestcore Decor To Your Interiors

Forestcore is a huge decor trend. Here’s how to bring it to your home – and how it may benefit your health, too!

By Chere Di Boscio

With over 345,000 related posts on Instagram and 275 million views on TikTok, the growing forestcore aesthetic is quickly becoming a must-have for interior design.

But what are the best ways of recreating it? And how does it affect our mood?

The popularity of the forestcore trend has prompted carpet and flooring specialists Tapi to team up with psychologist Dennis Relojo-Howell to explore just how forestcore is a game changer for home decor.

Here below, we offer some forestcore decor tips from Johanna Constantinou, Brand and Communications Director at Tapi.  In addition, Dennis Relojo-Howell, Managing Director of Psychreg, weighs in on how the trend can affect your mood.

Forestcore Decor Tips & Tricks

How To Bring Forestcore Decor To Your Home

1. Make use of an earthy colour palette

The forestcore theme comes with a stunning and versatile earthy colour palette. This includes:

  • sage, olive, eucalyptus and emerald greens
  • earthy browns
  • raincloud and mushroom greys

To complement the forestcore colour palette, you can add hues from woodland flowers, such as pearly whitesfrom wood anemones, deep purples from violets, or shades of blue from bluebells, for example.

Joanna says, “The trend is a nod to our natural surroundings and can be used in all rooms of the home. For bedrooms, having a touch of green can be beneficial in helping you wind down before the end of the day.”

Dennis goes on to explain in more detail how this aspect of forestcore decor can reduce anxiety and stress.

“The gentle and soothing shades of greens, browns, and greys can bring tranquillity to the mind. These colours create a harmonious environment. It calms the senses and promotes feelings of balance and renewal. Surrounding ourselves with these hues allows us to connect with the natural world, fostering serenity and wellbeing,” he says.

wood bathroom

2. Up your plant game

The quickest (and most logical) way to give your space the forestcore decor look is to fill it with houseplants. All kinds of them! Ferns, succulents, dwarf trees, flowering plants, you name it.

But you don’t want it to look like, well, a plant nursery! To avoid that, create contrasting effects by playing on the differences in height. For example? Place some on the ground, some on windowsills, and wooden stools. Try hanging some in macrame hangers from the ceiling, too.

If you do so, you’ll gain some serious mental health benefits.

Dennis states: “Introducing more plants into our living spaces not only adds a splash of life and colour, but also significantly uplifts our mood. Research has shown that plants are known to reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, and enhance concentration and creativity. Their presence creates a living connection to nature, a calming influence that heals and invigorates the soul.”

How To Bring Forestcore Decor To Your Home

3. Go natural with flooring and furniture

As the forestcore decor trend has a natural vibe, you’ll need your flooring and furniture to reflect that. Wood is best, as it’s obviously derived from a literal forest. And it’s perfect for tables, chairs, and floors.

But if you insist on laying down carpets, Johanna has some tips.

She suggests: “A green carpet will brighten darker rooms with a natural earth tone, especially when paired in rooms with less natural light.” However, if you already have a light room, a brown carpet offers a nice contrast.

Dennis continues, “Natural materials in the home, such as wood flooring or stone countertops offer an aesthetic appeal that resonates with our innate connection to the earth. Having contact with these materials can evoke a sense of being more grounded. Plus, their textural richness enhances our sensory experience.”

forestcore decor

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4. Build up layers and textures

Texture is the key finishing touch if you want to achieve bringing the outdoors in. It connects the rough with the smooth, adds contrast to colours and builds visually pleasing layers throughout.

Use a range of natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp and silk. Work with wood, metal and tiles, and create accents with mood lighting and mirrors to complete the look.

Dennis says, “Incorporating various textures and materials such as throws, woods, tiles, mirrors, and strategic lighting in our interiors is akin to crafting a multisensory experience. These contrasts and complements mimic the complexity and richness of the outdoors. By building up these layers, we are not just designing a space; we’re creating an environment that resonates with our primal connection to nature.”

forestcore bedroom

5. Match the indoors with the outdoors

It’s not enough to add loads of plants to your forestcore decor. Even if they’re layered and varied, you still need to consider one vital element: the outdoors views.

While it’s better to have an indoor jungle than no plants, it’s pretty sad if your house is lush and green, but your windows face a concrete view.

The solution?

If you’re in a city, it’s all about the window boxes. And if you’re in the suburbs or beyond, of course, you need to up your outdoor gardening game! Plant new trees, or if you have trees already (but only see the trunks), why not have some ivy, jasmine or another creeping plant grow up the trunk?

Once again, Dennis says this will bring benefits to how we feel: “This tangible connection to the outdoors influences our emotions and mood in profound ways, allowing us to feel both sheltered and expansive, comforted and invigorated, all at once.”


Forestcore is one of our favourite new decor trends. It inspires feelings of being in nature, and since it mimics that experience, it can also offer the same health benefits of forest bathing. Another benefit of the trend is that it’s fairly easy and cheap to achieve. Just add more plants, and you’re off to a good start!

Chere Di Boscio
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