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10 Eco Tips To Do The Farmhouse Kitchen Trend

10 Eco Tips To Do The Farmhouse Kitchen Trend

It’s super hot all over social media. Here are some tips to do the farmhouse kitchen trend in the most sustainable way possible

By Lora O’Brien

The kitchen is often called the heart of a home, so it makes sense we’d all feel embraced by a decor trend that emphasises a warm, welcoming and homely style. And that pretty much describes the farmhouse kitchen trend. You don’t even have to live in the countryside – this is one trend you can bring to any home!

The cosy trend has dominated Instagram, with over 1 million posts getting ‘liked’ as more and more people take inspiration from bringing a farmhouse aesthetic to their own home.

The farmhouse kitchen trend is more relaxed than other popular kitchen styles, and it can be pretty simply done. Think natural materials, open shelving displaying crockery and large wooden tables dominating the space. The wall colours are typically lighter shades, which really opens up the space, making it appear light and airy. But the style also works well with darker shades. Olive green and cobalt blue are particularly popular right now.

Creating a space that fuses a traditional design with modern living, the overall feel of the room is full of warmth with a rustic charm, perfecting the balance of contemporary and classic elements.

If you’re looking to change up your kitchen and adopt this trend, we’ve found 10 ways you can do so sustainably, below.

10 Sustainable Ways To Get A Farmhouse Kitchen Look

1. Get Vintage Wood Tables

As we noted above, the kitchen is the heart of the house. So you’ll want to create a space you can envision hanging out and spending a lot of time in. Part of the farmhouse kitchen trend charm is that it feels like a space where everyone will gather together. And whether it’s for sharing a glass or two with friends, a space to enjoy mealtimes or where your family will sit and play games together, a gorgeous wooden table and chair set will help you to create a cosy, country atmosphere. It will be long lasting, too, so it’s a great investment for your family.

Mixing the old and the new works well in a farmhouse kitchen. So shop for an antique table if you can. If not, make your own from reclaimed wood planks!

Photo credit: Instagram @whiterosesandlemonade

farmhouse table

2. Use Reclaimed and Vintage Elements

Shaker-style cabinets are popular in farmhouse kitchens, and it’s not surprising. Both simplistic yet practical with a clean design, they can be reinvented with just a touch of paint! One popular trend within a country kitchen is the addition of brass fixtures. Simply thrift these and adorn your cabinets with brass handles. A mixture of mismatched shapes and sizes can also stylish against darker kitchen shades, really making your cabinets stand out.

Photo credit: Instagram @bird_on_the_hill

green kitchen

3. Use Non-toxic Paint

There is no specific colour scheme to adhere to when creating your farmhouse kitchen. It paves the way to add some character to your room. If you want the room to have a minimalist, clean vibe then opt for shades of white or cream. Chalky pink is another popular shade, adding a softer flare to the overall design. Prefer moodier shades? Classic grey adds a modern touch against the rustic charm, while midnight blue and forest green hues are bang on trend at the moment.

Of course, when choosing your perfect colour, you’ll want to be sure you’re painting with eco-friendly and toxic-free paint. Otherwise, you’ll be filling your home – and the place you eat food in – with harmful chemicals that can off-gas for weeks, if not months.

blue kitchen

4. Find Natural Fibre Rugs

Rugs. In the kitchen. Who’d have thought? But they’re actually a great addition! Not only do they offer some warmth against tiled flooring while you cook, but you continue to enhance that cosy, welcoming vibe. Of course, we’re not talking carpeting here, but a movable, washable runner rug.

Now, before you go buying any rug, you’ll want to make sure you’re not buying something cheap made of polyester or acrylic. Natural fibres such as jute, hemp, wool, straw or cotton are better for the planet and for your body, too! And if some fibres loosen and shed, you won’t end up with plastic derivatives in the kitchen.

kitchen rug

5. Use Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is a popular style in many modern kitchens, sure. But it’s a huge part of a farmhouse kitchen design. Open shelves are functional, too, making it easier to grab everything from plates, pans, pantry items and utensils.  It’s also a great way to help add to the aesthetic of a home, with many choosing to display rustic items to further add to the charm of their kitchen design. Think Mason jars and vintage china.

The open, floating shelves also help to keep the surface area more free. Choose a corner to stack wooden chopping boards to easily grab when cooking or serving food, while adding to the rustic charm of this kitchen design.

open kitchen shelving

6. Add Plants

When in doubt, add some plants! You can never go wrong with greenery. Whether it’s plants such as spider plants or snake plants to improve the air quality, or herbs you can use within your cooking, you won’t regret adding them to your kitchen. They blend well with the farmhouse aesthetic, while also adding their own fresh look to the room.

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open kitchen shelving

7. Embrace Naked, Natural Wood

The classic farmhouse kitchen trend always give off this warm, homely vibe. And this is usually due to the addition of wood. This can be created in a multitude of ways, whether it’s exposed wooden beams, using wooden shelving or a solid wood worktop. Natural, unpainted wood goes perfectly with any shade of paint you choose for other elements, too.

Of course, as always, the best wood to use is always reclaimed. But if that’s not possible, ensure it has been sourced responsibly. Look for the FSC label to ensure the trees you’re using were sustainably grown and harvested.

farmhouse kitchen trend

8. Go For a Farmhouse Sink

Arguably, one of the must-have features of the farmhouse kitchen trend is, of course, a farmhouse sink. Also known as apron front sinks thanks to their broad front panel, these can come in stone, ceramic, or even brass. But we particularly love a classic white porcelain ourselves!

Farmhouse sinks are usually much deeper than other types of sinks, which can make rinsing and washing less of a chore. And they look best with reclaimed brass taps.

farmhouse kitchen trend

9. Add a Pantry Cupboard

Sure, in an ideal world, every home would have a spacious walk-in pantry. But not everyone has the availability. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow this farmhouse kitchen trend. Part of the farmhouse charm is open shelves, but you won’t want everything out on display, especially food.

Keep your kitchen shelves looking stylish by turning your cupboards into a kind of mini-pantry. It will give your kitchen a minimalist look while keeping all of your appliances housed in one place. All you’ll need to do is hire a carpenter to maximise the use of your cupboard space, as in the image below. Perfect for smaller kitchens!

farmhouse kitchen trend

10. Use Baskets for Storage

If there’s one thing I always want to pick up when I’m thrifting, it’s baskets! Which is also another popular element of any farmhouse kitchen. Whether you’re using a basket for your utensils, to house veggies and flowers, or just to store your dry goods, they work really well with this aesthetic. And the best part of this decorative element? They’re totally biodegradable!

farmhouse kitchen trend

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