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10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

These vegan meals are easy to prep, and save time, money, and the planet, too!

Not got a lot of time to cook? Hate making multiple visits to the supermarket? Not a fan of food waste? Pre-prepping vegan meals is the solution to all your problems!

As you probably know, veggies and carbs stay fresh much longer than meat or dairy. So if you chop up some potatoes and onions, and boil some rice or pasta, you can keep them fresh in the fridge or freezer for a few days without worrying you’re going to get sick.

But…how much do you actually know about prepping vegan meals? Here are a few of my own top tips.

Vegan Food Prep Tips

Invest in good containers

You’ll need something airtight. And preferably not plastic. Look for glass containers instead.

Use frozen if need be

No fresh broccoli or peas on hand? No worries, frozen is fine!

Buy in bulk

It’s not only cheaper to buy things such as quinoa, lentils and rice in bulk, but you’ll save on packaging, too.

Use your freezer

Want your vegan meal prep to be as fresh and as quick as possible? Use the freezer! For example, if you’ve got leftover rice or lentils right now, freeze them in small batches. That way, you can pull them out when you need them. Like, to add to a burrito or sushi bowl.

Whether you’re looking to prep your work lunches or you need a ready-to-go breakfast, check out these vegan meal prep recipes below for healthy options that last!

10 Vegan Meal Recipes To Make In Advance

10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

1. Apple Pie Overnight Oats

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but still want to eat a healthy breakfast, try meal prepping some overnight oats.

Containing just 9 simple ingredients, these babies will stay fresh in the fridge for days. Make 5, and you’ve got breakfast with your name on it from Monday to Friday. So easy!

Get the recipe here.

10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

2. Vegan Burrito

I think burritos are one of my favourite foods of all times. They literally have it all: protein, carbs, veggies, and a whole lot of YUM!

These ones can be frozen and thrown into a toaster oven whenever you’re hungry. What’s not to love?

Get the recipe here.
vegan burrito

3. Cauliflower Quinoa Power Bowls

Looking for quick vegan meals to prep ? 45 minutes is all you need to get lunch ready for the week. These cauliflower quinoa power bowls also freeze well, and are yummy served hot or cold. Just be sure to squeeze on that lemon tahini sauce before you dig in, though!
Get the recipe here.
10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

4. Sesame Noodle Meal Prep Bowls

5. Tempeh Taco Salad Meal Prep Bowl

Forget about beef, chicken or fish! Tempeh is also perfect for tacos! This recipe makes three hearty bowls. If you need more than three lunches, just double the ingredients, of course. A note about avocado: as we all know, they don’t last long. So if you love some avo on your tacos, be sure to add it just before eating.

PS: This is one of my favourite vegan meals to prep for girl dinners!

Get the recipe here.

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10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

6. Green Lentil Salad

This is one of those vegan meals to prep for any time of the year. The ingredients can be easily stored for around a week in a container.  Of course, feel free to switch the recipe up to use whatever veggies are in season – and your favourites!

Get the recipe here.

green lentil salad

7. Vegan Sushi Bowl

A good sushi bowl is one of my favourite vegan meals to prep! It’s gluten free, of course. But is still quite filling. This will last in the fridge for around 4-5 days. Just be sure to hold off adding the mayo until you’re ready to eat the whole shebang.
Get the recipe here.
10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

8. Vegan Korma

For this delicious, savoury meal, you’re basically going to do 3 things. One, prep the veggies and tofu. Two, prep the sauce. And three, make some rice. Store those in the fridge and throw them together whenever you’re hankering for lunch or dinner. Easy, and also one of the tastiest vegan meals to prep, if you ask me!


Get the recipe here.
vegan korma

9. Fiesta Mason Jar Salad

Salads are so healthy. But the fact is, the healthier they are, the bigger the pain they are to make. Why? Because you’ll need to wash and chop more ingredients if you really want to ‘eat a rainbow’ of nutrients. So why not make life a bit easier? Salads are one of the easier vegan meals to prep. This one comes packed with quinoa and beans for protein, as well as loads of colourful veggies and a touch of Mexican flavour.

Get the recipe here.

10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week

8. Chickpea Teriyaki

This recipe is another great source of protein. Including chickpeas, broccoli, and even pineapple, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your pre-made dinner! You can even make this recipe gluten-free and soy-free. It can be stored in the fridge for up to four days.
Get the recipe here.
10 Vegan Meals To Prep For The Week
Which are your favourite Vegan Meals To Prep? Let us know in the comments, below!
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