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Coffee Bar Styling Ideas For Your Home

Coffee Bar Styling Ideas For Your Home

These coffee bar deco ideas for your home are super simple to achieve!

By Erin Wilson

Bar carts, be gone! In 2024, at-home coffee stations will become the new way to ‘espresso’ yourself. Gen X and Millennials will bring the coffee shop vibe inside, featuring everything from ‘café chalkboard’ aesthetics and ‘coffee station décor’ to ‘coffee bar styling’. Your kitchen will get a seriously fun upgrade!

Why Coffee Core is a Thing

As a society, we practically run on coffee. It’s our personal jet fuel, and so it comes as no shock that more of us want to devote a sacred space in our homes to the drink. A shrine to coffee, if you will – via coffee bar deco ideas.

Oft-craved café culture is firmly planting its roots in our kitchens and is thriving this year. According to a 2024 trend report by Pinterest, kitchens will be getting some serious love this year, overall. There are trends for everything from maximalist, kitschy kitchens, to those with a Western vibe, to…recreations of cafes!

Indeed, with searches of ‘cafe aesthetic’ and ‘coffee station decor’ dramatically rising, we know people are in the market for kitchen makeovers. And the common denominator is coffee. Expect to see coffee bar deco ideas flooding your Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds.

This trend brings your favourite coffee stop atmosphere even closer to home – very literally. It’s also a great way to save money while enjoying the comfort of your own home. 

One of the best things about this trend is that it doesn’t discriminate on kitchen size. And you can make it as elaborate or discreet as you fancy.

Where To Put Your Coffee Nook

While you can put a coffee machine anywhere, here are some common places to create your own small space coffee bar:

  • Counter nook
  • Bar cart
  • Side table
  • On wooden shelves
  • Renovating an old cabinet
  • Built in kitchen cabinet
  • Repurposing a bar cabinet

Here below, we have hand-picked some inspiration for you to browse before making your coffee den dream a reality. 

Main image: Image credit: Armac Martin Image below: Pinterest

Coffee Bar Deco Ideas For Your Kitchen

coffee bar deco ideas

1. Displaying Your Coffee Gear

Something to put your DIY skills to the test, shelves can be used to display all your favourite coffee gear. Whether you have a theme – colour, pattern, or style – to your kitchen, or just want to show off your favourite cute mugs, shelves provide a cozy touch.

They’re also a practical space saver for smaller kitchens, as they maximise wall space and free up cupboards. Showcasing your special coffees and teas in Mason jars also adds a cute touch, and will mimic that real coffee house look.  

coffee bar deco ideas

2. Chalk Boards

A classic coffee shop stamp is, of course, a chalk board. And chalk boards are rating highly on the ‘coffee bar deco ideas’ searches. Though they usually show the specials of the day, let your creative juices flow and add a personal touch to your very own home coffee corner. Write yourself an affirmation, draw a funny cartoon, or even jot down your weekly shopping list on your chalk board.

The size of your board depends, of course, on the space you have available. We recommend mounting your board on the wall if you aren’t likely to change its markings. If you plan to regularly update your board, then leaning against the back wall is a striking and easily moveable position. But if you want to go whole hog, why not paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint?

3. A Few Plants

We’ve seen plants all over the ‘home coffee stations’ of Pinterest boards. And of course, plants are a great way to decorate your space and breathe life into any room. If you’ve not got particularly green fingers, or tend to travel a lot, we recommend starting off with some low-maintenance plants such as cacti. Taking up a small space and requiring very little attention, they’re perfect for kickstarting your barista/botanist lifestyle. It’s one of the easiest coffee bar deco ideas to achieve!


Coffee Bar Styling Ideas For Your Home

4. Fancy Coffee Makers

Sure, it’s great to have an espresso maker in your house. But these do take tons of energy! In addition, the pods some of them use are far from sustainable. Instead, go for a French press. Or even better yet, a cold press.

This one by AeroPress, for example, can do 3-in-1 brewing. Immersion, aeration and pressure combine to make American, cold brew, espresso and even lattes, all in about a minute.

Another item that’s perfect for serious java lovers is this nitro cold press machine, below. Just fill the bag with coffee grounds, add cold, filtered water, and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, just charge, shake, pour, and enjoy a perfectly crafted, creamy, nitro cold brew with a righteous head of foam.

Not into coffee? Froth up flat lattes, teas, matcha, and even cocktails for a luxurious indulgence. 

coffee bar deco ideas

5. The Right Hues

Coffee bar deco ideas involve the right hues. White is always right, but shades of mocha, cream or 50s pastel shades are other perfect ways to embrace the trend without dedicating (sometimes precious) counter space to it.

There are so many ways to get creative with this trend! For example? Collecting or making coffee inspired art prints/posters is also a clever way to break into the trend with lesser commitment. Kitchen makeovers can put the ‘fun’ in a functional space. 

coffee bar deco ideas

6. A Little Bar Area

When I think of a cafe, the first thing that comes to mind is a little banquette with bar stools. Or maybe a little round table for two with bistro chairs. And that’s how you should think about implementing coffee bar deco ideas for your home! You don’t need to make much space; a simple seating nook for two will do.


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7. Signage

Sure, chalkboards can do the trick. But it’s also a huge part of the Coffee Core trend to have signs in your coffee bar area. These could be anything from a cheerful message, to simply the word ‘coffee’. Whatever makes you feel happy! You can buy signs ready-made, or buy letters to spell out signs on old-school peg boards. This is probably one of the easiest coffee bar deco ideas to do. Bonus!

Image: YouTube

coffee bar deco ideas

8. Recycled Wood

It was trending in coffee bars for ages, so one of the best coffee bar styling ideas for your kitchen is to use recycled wood. If you’re planning to make a coffee bar or counter, this is the look you want! Just search your local area for ‘recycled wood’ or ‘buy railway ties’ and see what comes up.

Image credit: Gray House Studio

recycled wood coffee bar

9. Coffee Drawers

Zero space for this trend at home? Never fear. A small renovation is all you need. And that renovation is: a coffee drawer!

Simply clear out a drawer in the kitchen, and hit your local IKEA or other home wear shop to find drawer dividers. Place all your essentials in there, from actual coffee saved in containers, spoons, teas, flavourings and sprinkles, for example.

Got more space? Fab! Use deeper drawers to your advantage and store small French presses, steamers, cups and all the other stuff you use to make the perfect cup of java.

First Image credit: Order & Bliss Second image:

coffee drawer

10. Don’t Limit Yourself

Finally, don’t limit your coffee bar deco ideas to the kitchen! I recently met someone who had a coffee maker in his bedroom, and I thought he was completely mad. But when he explained he loves to make a cuppa in the morning, whilst scrolling through his texts in bed, I thought: hmm….that just might be a genius idea!

If you choose to do this, keep it simple. One small coffee maker, one cup. Or, do as the DIY Mummy (image below) did, and use a cake stand to layer up and organise your gear!

coffee in bed

Do you have any coffee bar deco ideas of your own you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, below!

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