10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

House need some inspiration? Looking for a great gift? These subscription boxes for the home can help!

By Lora O’Brien

We all need a bit of inspiration now and then. A touch of colour in the living room. A fresh scent in the bathroom. Or maybe a new flavour in the kitchen. And there are plenty of great subscription boxes for the home that can provide all of the above! Plus, who doesn’t love getting a little treat delivered to the door?

You’re likely wondering which box might be best for you – and your friends and family! And we think we’ve found some that are truly wonderful.

From healthy snacks and unique home decor to toxic-free candles, any one of these subscription boxes would make the perfect gift for a friend, a loved one – or just for yourself!

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

1. The greenUp Box

With the motto: ‘be the change you wish to see,’ greenUp is the perfect subscription box for those wanting to live a more sustainable way of life. If you’re just getting started on that path, greenUp will help you along the way.

With this subscription, you’ll get a box every two months. It will be full of artfully crafted goods that are kind to the planet. Each box is plastic free and perfect for all areas of living, from the kitchen and bathroom to your home office.

Each box contains 6-10 products. All are vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and clean. Of course, all packaging is free of plastic and biodegradable.

Price: From $64

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Experimenting with green products of all kinds.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

2. Vellabox

Who doesn’t appreciate a deliciously  scented candle? They make your home smell divine, while bringing a cosy atmosphere to any room.

Whether it’s a gift for you or a gift for a loved one, a Vellabox subscription offers all-natural, plant based candles that have a burning time of 25 to 75 hours.

Depending on the season, there is a variety of scents to choose from. These can vary from garden scents in the summer and spicier scents for the colder months.

Price: $12-$29 per month

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Creating a relaxing atmosphere in any home

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

3. Public Goods

It’s a fact that the one thing preventing many from making more sustainable choices is the cost. Luckily, that’s why Public Goods is the perfect subscription to help someone shop better on a budget.

Unlike a monthly box, you pay a yearly fee of $79. This gives you access to a plethora of sustainable goods at wholesale prices. While other competitors make upwards of 80% profit of items, Public Goods stays below 25%, which means you get to buy things you need and love much cheaper!

You can shop pretty much anything on the site, from personal care items, to vitamins, home decor and food and beverages. Everything is organic, and free of toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives.

Price: $79

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Helping someone you love, or yourself, save money on organic goods of all kinds.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

4. GlobeIn

Do you love hunting for local treasures when travelling abroad? GlobeIn is the perfect subscription box for you!

It highlights the importance of supporting artisanal techniques from around the world. How so? Well, each box contains beautifully handmade products that empower and give back to the communities who make them.

It’s like travelling and discovering new cultures each month – but from home. One month might deliver a Moroccan tagine dish with harissa, while the next it will be a Peruvian woven belt and flute.

Price: $38 per box (3 months), $35 per box (6 months), $33 (12 months).

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: World travellers who like to support artisanal crafts.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

5. Earthlove

Earthlove is an award-winning eco-wellness lifestyle box that’s always full of exciting surprises. Each package includes a mix of items that can include anything from sustainable wraps and snacks to aromatherapy, gardening tools and home decor.

You have the option to choose between a fully vegan box or a ‘regular’ vegan box which may contain ethically sourced bee-based products. Choose from a smaller box made with 5 items, a medium box with 8, or a larger surprise with up to 10 items. Each box gives back to the planet by supporting a non-profit, too.

Price: Starting at $59.95

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Loads of surprises, of course!

6. Undiscovered Box

I just love subscription box services. Especially ones that I can customise each time. So no wonder I’m a big fan of Undiscovered, by NOVICA.

The Undiscovered Box is a uniquely beautiful members-only quarterly subscription service from the NOVICA family. Each box showcases a curated selection of authentic artisan treasures from a different region around the world. With more than $100+ value in each box, you can personally customise every product in the box from a selection of handmade creations, or just let them surprise you.

Every three months members receive an artisan-guided box that showcases a different country. Each box also includes behind-the-scenes stories, insider facts, the regional curator’s favourite recipe of the season, and a personal gift from your Artisan Guide.

Undiscovered Box subscribers additionally benefit from access to (and significant savings at) the Undiscovered Add-On Market. This virtual international marketplace is filled with uniquely superb added treasures chosen for your consideration.

Price: From $49.99

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Exploring the exceptional arts and cultures of the world.

7. Bespoke Post

Have you ever wished you could tailor a subscription box to yourself, or someone you love? Well, now you can with Bespoke Post. The ingredients of each box are chosen based on the recipient’s selected interests and preferences.

Each box contains all kinds of home goods, from decor and utensils to storage solutions, and even tools to make home improvements! The contents are unique and very well made, and is the perfect gift for any proud homeowner.

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Price: $49 per box

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Elevating your living space, based on your very personal preferences.

8. Blueland

Part of maintaining a healthy, happy home is keeping it clean. And Blueland is a subscription box that offers toxic-free, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic cleaning products. They’re vegan and gluten-free, too!

Whether you know someone who appreciates clean products, or you’re trying to ditch toxic household cleaners yourself, Blueland’s The Clean Essentials bundle is perfect.

It includes: a multi-purpose cleaner bottle, a bathroom cleaner bottle and a glass and mirror cleaner bottle. But the best part is the tabs! Just dissolve them into the bottles to make excellent non-toxic cleaning solutions. No heavy liquids, and refills cost as little as $2!

Blueland have so many kinds of products and sets on offer. And there is a set for all budgets, too.

Price: Kits start from $15

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: New homeowners would appreciate this gift. But it’s suited to anyone who loves a clean, healthy home.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

9. Pura

Mainstream plug-in fragrances are made from toxic ingredients that harm our health with every breath. But sometimes it’s nice to walk into your home and have it smelling fresh and fragrant, right? Luckily, Pura uses only the finest clean, pure and high-quality ingredients in their smart plug-ins.

All fragrances are created without GMOs, parabens, phythalates and many other toxic ingredients, such as acetaldehyde, diclorobenzene, ethylhexanol and formaldehyde. They’re also never tested on animals, and every ingredient used follows the strict standards set by the The International Fragrance Association.

Sure, you could just buy one Pura fragrance for your home. But the best reason to subscribe is the discounts. You get 20% off all fragrances when you subscribe—no strings attached. Choose your delivery frequency, easily adjust or cancel your subscription, and swap fragrances using the Pura app. You can even control the intensity of your Pura scent as well as the timing via the Pura Smart Device mobile app. Cool!

Scents include: fir, grapefruit, coconut and many more.

Price: From $15

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Those wanting their home to smell divine, without toxic ingredients.

10. Package Free

As their name suggests, Package Free is on a mission to make the world less full of trash. They do so by helping consumers to cut back on their plastic consumption by offering sustainable, plastic-free and zero waste alternatives. It’s not technically a monthly subscription box, but a subscription service where you save 10% on each order.

You’ll find eco-conscious goods, mainly for the bathroom. For example? Bamboo toilet paper, biodegradable laundry detergents, recyclable glass jars, metal razors and toothpaste tablets.

Price: From $12

One of the best subscription boxes for the home for: Anyone striving for a zero-waste lifestyle.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For The Home

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