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7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

These sustainable cafe designs are inspiring for our homes. They may also make you want to open up a small cafe yourself! 

By Chere Di Boscio

Sure, we here at Eco Home focus on, well, the home. Usually. But there are lots of different places from which we can draw design ideas for our abodes.

We’ve covered lots of hotel interiors for that reason. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for hotel design to shape what’s trendy later on in the domestic sphere. But…have you considered how stunning certain sustainable cafe design elements can be?

Sustainability in Cafe Design

You probably have. After all, having coffee stations, a la your favourite cafe, in your home, is now a huge trend. But going beyond the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a cafe, a commitment to sustainability reflects a conscientious approach towards environmental and social responsibility. 

Consideration of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and waste reduction not only minimises the ecological footprint of a retail establishment (and your home, if you choose to copy the design), but also resonates with an environmentally conscious clientele.

Sustainable cafe design is a testament to the industry’s role in fostering a healthier planet, addressing climate concerns, and championing ethical practices. 

By incorporating sustainable elements, cafe owners not only contribute to a greener future but also align their businesses with a growing global movement that values eco-conscious choices. Of course, a truly sustainable cafe will also use biodegradable takeaway cups and organic coffee.

To find the most beautiful sustainable cafe designs from around the world, we consulted the experts at This is a startup design publication and global cafe directory.  It not only suits a design oriented audience, but it’s also a helpful site for those with serious wanderlust. 

Here below are their picks of the best sustainable cafe designs from around the world.

7 Eco Friendly Cafe Styles From Around The Globe

Urata Lookout Cafe, Fiji

1. Urata Lookout Cafe, Fiji

This gorgeous cafe was built entirely with locally sourced materials. Its timber framed structure has been designed to withstand future cyclones. That’s mainly due to the fact that these have been increasing in frequency and severity in the South Pacific. 

The form of the Urata Lookout encourages air flow through the spaces, drawing hot air out through the stack effect and maintaining a cool internal environment. The large sheltered walkways and veranda provide a shaded area to observe the view, framed by a table top to the front where visitors can enjoy their coffee. The exposed wooden structure creates a layered facade and frames the walkway to the entrance. 

Designed by: Caukin Studio

Photography: Katie Edwards

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: Blending in so well with its outstanding location.

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World 7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

2. Bare Oma Ietje, Netherlands

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Heesterveld neighbourhood, a once-neglected complex has undergone a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into the community. 

The entire Heesterveld complex has received a structural overhaul. It now features a vibrant mix of residential and commercial spaces, and serves as a dynamic hub for creativity and social interaction.

The standout addition to the revitalised Heesterveld complex is the Oma Ietje Cafe. This is a unique space constructed from standard shipping containers. Positioned next to the main building, this cafe serves as more than just a place to grab a coffee. It’s a rather inviting that invites people to sit in, between, and around it. The extensive use of reclaimed wood adds a touch of contemporary architecture to the neighbourhood.

Designed by: OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk Architecten

Photography: Wim Hanenberg

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: The warmth provided by the reclaimed wood.

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World 7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

3. Nossa Familia Seven Corners Cafe, USA

Nossa Familia Coffee’s Seven Corners Cafe opened in August 2018. You can find this American eatery in Portland’s historic Ladd’s Addition neighbourhood. The cafe occupies the ground floor of the Seven Corners Collaborative, a nonprofit hub that brings access to disability services and great coffee under one roof.

The wood and ceramic based design of the space incorporates sustainability and accessibility principles within an aesthetic inspired by the Nossa Familia’s founder’s coffee farms in Brazil. Blue, white and terracotta tiles reflect the natural materials used in those Brazilian farmhouses. To add to its sustainability, the café has also set goals for being Zero Waste and Carbon Neutral.


One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: Considering the needs of the disabled.

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

4. Turramurra Cafe 

Turramurra cafe, Replay Espresso, welcomes locals into a cosy haven with a warm and rustic ambiance. Designer Micheline Li Yoo Foo of Mima Design said the compact space presented a challenge. “With just 40sqm to play with, we ripped the guts out of the space, replaced the decaying roof, introduced a long bi-fold window and small serve-out window, created a feature barista’s coffee bench, and crammed in as many seats and tables as we could.”

“The budget was tight, so materials were simple. Non-slip grey floor tiles, ecological strand board, ply joinery, basic blackboards, recycled bricks, recessed LED lighting and the popular caged pendants with hand woven incandescent lamps.”

The result? A perfect stop-off to start your morning commute.

Designed by: Mima Design

Photography: Andrew Chung

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: The chic use of plywood.

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

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5. Ho Yamal!

Container construction is increasingly popular. And Dubai’s Ho Yamal! has used these in their sustainable cafe design.

Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior Design created this eatery by combining the indigenous aspects of the Emirates culture with sophisticated elements of green design.

To take advantage of the natural climatic conditions of Dubai, solar panels became an inherent part of the energy for this cafe. The turquoise colour palette embraces the coastal nature of the location. Finally, a parametric wooden structure artfully embraces the organic nature of the design.

Designed byComelite Architecture Structure and Interior Design

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: The cosy, wooden interior.

7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World 7 Sustainable Cafe Designs From Around The World

6. Flamingo Bamboo Bar, Vietnam

What do bamboo and birds have in common? Well, they’re both beautiful, natural, and inspired the design of the Flamingo Bamboo Bar in Vietnam. Bamboo provides a strong and eco-friendly source of construction. And the space designed by Bambubuild is airy and spacious, providing an unhindered view of the stunning nature all around the bar/cafe.

In fact, this hangout is mainly just bamboo. Only a few small pieces of curved steel were used for the bends. The structure was initially transported to various places, but finally found a base at a resort in Vình Phúc province. Perfect lighting and natural wood seating exude an informal, chill vibe.

Designed by: Bambubuild

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: The wonderfully tent-like aspect of the roof.

Flamingo Bamboo Bar, Vietnam

7. The Little Green Cafe, India

One of Bangalore’s coolest hangouts, this cafe boasts an eco friendly design, thanks to the use of sustainable materials and energy-consuming appliances.

The walls of the cafe feature unique, natural plasters made of lime, clay and pigments in a waterproof finish. Reclaimed teak was used for the shelves, furniture and the outdoor ceiling, and cane for the shutters and chairs.

This cafe is also eco friendly thanks to its passive cooling system and LED lights, which consume energy corresponding to that of a single 60W bulb.

Designed by: Made In Earth

One of our favourite sustainable cafe designs for: The starry ceiling lamps.

The Little Green Cafe, India

Chere Di Boscio
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