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10 Great Sustainable American Furniture Stores

10 Great Sustainable American Furniture Stores

Looking for sustainable American furniture stores? We’ve found some great places to shop – online or in person!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It’s an unfortunate fact, but today, ethically made and sustainable furniture is harder to find than ever.

Back in the age of our grandparents, it was practically a given that furnishing would be made to last. And perhaps even passed down through the generations! But then the likes of IKEA quickly put an end to that.

Today, the average person is too financially strained to invest in say, a sustainably harvested, solid maple wood table. Especially when ‘fast furniture’ brands offer trendy pieces at a fraction of the cost of better-produced ones.

Luckily, there are still a few affordable and eco-friendly furniture options available. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress, sofa, or just a simple chair, you can find some sustainable American furniture stores.

What Is Sustainable Furniture?

There are many ways your furniture can be eco friendly. For example, it could be made from:

  • recycled fabrics
  • ethically harvested woods
  • reclaimed wood
  • upcycled materials
  • natural paints and finishes

But you should be particularly careful with soft furnishings. These should be stuffed with natural materials, such as latex foam, and should be covered with natural fibres, such as organic cotton, hemp or linen.

There are many good reasons for this, which you can learn more about here. But long story short? Most foams and fabrics that are not derived from plants come from petroleum. And they offset toxic volatile organic compounds, which can have a negative effect on your health. Moreover, such materials don’t break down easily in the environment when they’re inevitably tossed into landfills.

Ready to get a more beautiful home, sustainably and economically? Read on!

10 Great Places To Shop Eco Friendly Furniture In The USA

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

1. World Interiors

Want affordable, handmade wooden furniture items for your home? Look no further! World Interiors supplies that, in the most sustainable way possible. Affordability and ecological responsibility are their top priorities. And each item they provide reflects that. How so? They use recycled and reclaimed materials in every piece of their ethically produced furniture, and they ensure the Mango Foundation plants a tree for every table sold. The cherry on the cake is that World Interiors is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.
Located: Texas

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: All kinds of wood furniture, from lamps and tables to bed frames and desks.

Price range: Low to medium.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

2. Forest Home Store

This brand creates biophilia inspired home wear. We’re talking everything from wall decor and tables, to textiles to kitchenware. Forest Home Store makes a great effort to assess their products’ environmental impacts and production processes in order to help you make more informed and conscious shopping decisions.

Located: Austin

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Interestingly and beautifully designed wood furniture made out of unconventional – but sustainable – woods such as mango.

Price range: Medium to high.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

3. Maiden Home

Would you say your style is defined by chic, minimalist lines? Then you’ll love Maiden Home! This soft furnishings brand comes in gorgeous colours. Think: mushroom, ivory and vanilla hues. But we also love the fact that unlike most conventional furniture brands, Maiden Home avoids all toxic volatile organic compounds in the manufacturing of their items. In fact, all their fabrics are CertiPUR-US certified. That means no nasty off-gassing that can harm your health!

Located: North Carolina

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Chairs, sofas, dining furniture.

Price range: High.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

4. West Elm

For years now, people have loved to shop at West Elm for its stylish home decor and furniture. But today, the brand has fair trade and eco-friendly collections, too! We love that they offer FSC certified tables, dressers, shelves and other wooden furniture. But that’s not all! They also ensure their suppliers are compensated via FairTrade values and rules.

Located: New York

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Great design also for kids.

Price range: Medium.

west elm furniture

5. Eco Balanza

The founder of Eco Balanza, Aimee Robinson, is a true visionary. How so? Well, back in 2007 she created a sustainable, ethical and toxic-free sofa manufacturing business. This was way before ‘eco-friendly’ was much sought-after trait in furniture. Today, this luxurious furnishing store is known as being “the most eco-conscious non-toxic custom upholstered furniture boutique in the world”. That’s according to Eco Balanza’s worldwide clients. We love not only the ethics of this brand, but also their chic, modern and even ‘couture’ designs. Disagree with us? No problem! Eco Balanza accepts custom orders, too.

Located: Seattle

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Organic furniture that defines the new luxury.

Price range: High.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

6. Avocado

Avocado is well known by many eco-conscious Americans for their non-toxic beds. But they do so much more besides! For example, they also offer furnishings made from reclaimed materials. We particularly love their sturdy, handsome bed frames, which are made from 100 percent chemical free, reclaimed wood. But it’s also wonderful that the brand donates to environmental causes and is certified climate-neutral.

Located: Hoboken

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: All things bedroom related: mattresses, bedding, night tables and so on.

Price range: Medium.

avocado mattress

7. Kaiyo

Pre-loved isn’t just for clothing. It can be for furniture, too, of course. And Kaiyo has some of the best!

Although their beds, tables, sofas, chairs and other goods are high-quality and high-end, their prices aren’t. Each piece is carefully selected and restored, and is in impeccable condition.

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But the best part? So far, Kaiyo has kept over 5 million pounds of discarded furniture out of landfill.

Located: New York

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Pre-loved furniture.

Price range: Low.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

8. Sabai

Sabai is the ideal store for the eco-conscious home owner. Non-toxic, sustainable materials. Made-to-order furniture. FSC certified wood. What more could you ask for?

From upcycled materials like recycled water bottles to eco-friendly packaging, every sofa, ottoman and armchair is made with the planet in mind. The brand even offers a fab secondhand collection for those who believe thrifting isn’t just for clothes: it can be for home furnishings, too!

Located: North Carolina

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Seating.

Price range: Medium.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

9. Parachute

Parachute wants to make your house as cozy as can be. They offer everything soft and comfy that your home needs. For example? Gorgeous bedding, linens, and sofas. They even offer a line of loungewear and bathrobes! What we love the most is their eco friendly mattresses, though. Some options are Fair Trade Certified, but all feature materials free of nasties, including CertiPUR-US certified foam. Better for the planet, and better for your health!

Located: California

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: Mattresses.

Price range: Low to medium.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores

10. The Citizenry

The Citizenry is so-called because it works with artisans who are citizens from all around the world. These craftsmen provide unique handmade furnishings in limited quantities. But that’s not all! The company also donates 10 percent of its profits by giving back to artisan communities through entrepreneur development grants.

Located: New York

One of the best American sustainable furniture stores for: All things for the bedroom, from headboards, bed frames and night tables.

Price range: High.

Sustainable American Furniture Stores
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