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15 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

15 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

These cleaning hacks for pet owners can help keep your home clean, and your pets healthy, too!

By Chere Di Boscio

Personally, for me, having pets was a game changer. I had travelled extensively all my life, and was never ready to commit to the responsibility of caring for fur babies until I hit my 40s.

But while my life has been enriched in countless ways by having pets, keeping my house and clothing clean has been a bit of a challenge.

I personally have used these easy cleaning hacks for pet owners myself, and they are a game changer! So I thought I’d share them with you here, below.

15 Ways Pet Owners Can Keep Their Homes Cleaner, Naturally

15 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

1. Make Your Own Natural Cleaners

Keeping your pets safe from harmful chemicals is essential! White vinegar and baking soda can work wonders for removing smells and stains. They are safe for use around animals and are excellent for routine cleaning tasks. Just mix  equal parts of water and vinegar to wipe down surfaces and refresh fabric.

Tip: Not keen on the smell of vinegar? Add a few drops of essential oil, like chamomile or lavender. But note this: some essential oils are toxic to pets. Always check first!

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Using every day, and saving on commercial cleaners.

2. Put Duct Tape To Work

The stickiness of duct tape makes it perfect for a makeshift pet hair remover. This method is faster than vacuuming. It also works on seats in vehicles, and a sponge or cloth wrapped with duct tape works great for getting into corners.

Simply wrap duct tape around a paint roller cover, sticky side out. Roll the paint cover over furniture or carpet to pick up the pet hair.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: A cheap and easy solution to digging out hair.

3. Line The Litter

Cut your litter cleanup time in half with this nifty trick! Simply line your litter pan with a plastic kitchen garbage bag before adding the litter. Clean your pet’s poop up daily, but when you’re ready to clean the litter box out itself, just lift the garbage bag out and clean the box out with a diluted bleach solution.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Quicker litter cleaning.

4. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are your best bet for cleaning up pet accidents. These products are designed to break down stains and smells on a molecular level. In addition, they effectively remove scent traces that might encourage pets – especially cats – to re-mark areas again with pee.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Ensuring your kitty isn’t going to keep peeing in the same place.

6. Get Lint Brushes, Not Rollers

Most pet owners will have drawers and drawers full of lint rollers. Especially if they have a wardrobe full of black clothing! This seems to be especially prone to attracting pet hair. But the thing is: those lint rollers aren’t so eco-friendly. They’re made of plastic and chemicals and once you’ve filled a sheet with pet hair, you just toss it out.

A better option? A good, old fashioned lint brush. They’re easy to clean and last forever. Why did we ever stop using those, really?

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Saving the planet!

15 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

7. Hoover The Dog

Instead of brushing your pet and then cleaning up the fur with a vacuum, use the vacuum with an upholstery attachment directly to brush your dog. The vacuum sucks up all the loose fur so you don’t spend any extra time cleaning. Look for vacuums with strong suction and specialised attachments that can reach into corners where pet hair likes to hide.

Note: Some dogs and almost all cats are terrified of vacuums, so don’t use this tip on any animal that’s averse to hoovers!

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Making your dog really clean. And some really love how it feels, too!

8. Make It Hot!

Both human and pet bedding should always be washed regularly in hot water to eliminate odours and allergens. This will kill dust mites and remove pet hair effectively. Be sure to use pet-friendly detergents free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, as these could irritate your pet’s skin.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Ensuring you kill all nasty insects and parasites.

9. Steam Clean Occasionally

Deep cleaning every now and then is crucial for removing pet fur and odours – and even insects! –  that accumulate over time. Quarterly, use a steam cleaner on upholstery and carpets to extract dirt and allergens from fibres.

Tip: For daily maintenance, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to effectively capture pet dander and finer particles.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Long-term hygiene.

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15 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

10. Make A No Mess Litter Box

It’s not fancy, sure. But it’s a cheap and easy DIY way to keep litter in the litter box where it belongs! Get a plastic storage container that’s big enough for your cat to enter. Keep the lid on. Trace a circle on the side with a marker, then cut it out with a sharp razor knife. Cut out a round opening. Lift the lid, pour in the litter, and your cat will figure out the rest.

This is a much tidier litter box, and will smell less, too!

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Saving your house from permanent odours.

11. Use Rubber Gloves To Remove Fur

If pet hair is set into your furniture, use a rubber glove to get rid of it. Simply run it over any piece of furniture or even carpets. Collect the dog or cat hair, and toss it out.

Bonus: This also works as a grooming technique if you pet your fur baby directly! You’ll instantly remove dander and hair.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Getting hair out of carpets and furniture.

12. Clean Up Accidents Immediately

No matter how well trained your pet is, accidents can happen. And don’t delay the cleaning up of them! A quick response is the key to preventing stains and smells from setting in. Blot, don’t rub, and apply baking soda liberally to help absorb odours right away.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Ensuring your house smells fresh.

13. Use Baking Soda Often

If you have a pet, baking soda is your best friend! It can be sprinkled on carpets, in litter boxes  and on pet bedding before vacuuming to absorb smells. Alternatively, coffee grounds also suck up nasty odours, leaving your room smelling neutral again.

Want something that smells even better than ‘neutral’? Try a scented bicarbonate product like this one. Made by the Northumberland Candle Company, it doesn’t just mask a bad scent, but actively helps to neutralise odours in the house.

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Everyday use.

14. Add Bedding

We’d never dream of sleeping on a bed without sheets. Ew, right? So why do we allow our pets to? While we recognise there are no ‘pet sized’ sheets available (yet!), I personally fold a single baby cot sheet on my pet’s bed. Much easier to wash than the whole bed!

One of the best cleaning hacks for pet owners for: Keeping your pet clean and comfy.

Chere Di Boscio
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