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10 Sustainable Decor Trends For 2024

10 Sustainable Decor Trends For 2024

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Every new year brings new resolutions. If for 2024 you were planning a make-over for your home, make sure your decor is kind to the planet!

Here are some trends that are booming for the upcoming year, that we recommend you try.

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1. Textured fabrics, like faux sheepskin or velvet

Yay! The cruel trend of fur — with rugs made out of animal skin — that peaked in past decades is finally over. Today we all enjoy fabrics that evoke that fluffy feeling, but that have been fabricated without killing any living creatures. Take faux sheepskin for instance. As winter days will keep us company for the next few months, something that gives a feeling of warmth and comfort is much needed. In terms of practicality it is exceptionally versatile and can come in any colour or size, giving a touch of personality to your furniture design.  

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2. Midcentury modern vintage

There’s an interior design style that goes by the name of midcentury modern that refers to pieces of the middle of the 20th century. This trend  evolved in response to a post-World War II environment, when there was a desire to start afresh. This style can be recognised by  functional wooden pieces made from teak and its curved designs.

Less is more, linearity of forms, and an irresistible taste of retro is part of this vintage philosophy that is coming back in 2024. You can definitely hunt furniture pieces in flea markets or specialised boutiques. You’ll be beguiled by saturated shades, wood panelings,  angular shapes and the acrylic plastic resin called Lucite.

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3. Rattan, wicker and straw

Have you heard about rattan? This is a material that has a long history in furniture and home decor that comes from a vine found in tropical regions in Asia. It became very hip in the Seventies and now it’s back. But there are other materials that keep it great company. These include willow, reed, bamboo and straw.

Wicker instead is the technique used to transform the above and a variety of plant-based materials into furniture and elements of decor. It has been documented to go all the way back to Ancient Egypt, although the word seems to have a Scandinavian origin since ‘vika’ means ‘to fold’ in Swedish — which perfectly describes the technique. Basically look out for materials that come from nature that get intertwined in stupendous home pieces!

Get the look here.

4. Forestcore

Have you ever dreamt of immersing yourself in a forest? Or even better bringing the forest to your home? If so, get ready to embrace Forestcore this upcoming year! This trend uses woodland themes and deep earthy colours.

Imagine decor and wallpaper with fallen leaves, tress, mushrooms, ferns and woodland creatures. Make sure the mood is somewhat dark and perturbing, because if you go for sunshine and flowers you’ll be welcoming to your home the Cottagecore.

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5.  Japandi

This type of interior design is not new, but still hasn’t reached its big breakthrough, which is finally approaching! Japandi celebrates and coalesces the minimalism that can be found in Japanese and Scandinavian furniture.

This particular style is all about simplicity, soft hues, natural materials, and functionality. Defined lines, essential shapes, subdued tones combine the Oriental zen approach with the practicality of Northern Europe.

6. Bold, beautiful wallpapers

A way to keep your humble abode proper and prim, with little dusting to do, is to decrease the amount of paintings on the wall and opt for some decorative, bold wallpaper. Nature-lovers will enjoy choosing botanical patterns to instil an immersive experience within the four walls.

The charm of wallpaper lies in the feeling of warmth it gives and it is also cost-effective, since it usually lasts longer than paint. It’s ever so durable, it has no toxins, it’s easy to update and nowadays there are plenty of stupendous options.

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7. Biophilic design

Biophilia, the love for life and living things, meets design. According to biologist and ecologist Edward Osborne Wilson, humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Therefore it only makes sense that in the age of sustainability biophilia finds its expression in our homes.

Houses thusly transform living spaces into human ecosystems that echo Mother Nature. Colours and structures mimic earthy terrains and organic forms, capable of providing that same sense of peace and quiet that you can find in the woods.

Photo Credit: Woodland Pulse

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8. Quiet luxury 

“Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal,” is what Tony Bennett used to sing and seems to be the perfect soundtrack to this fad amongst millennial homeowners. Understatement, keeping a low profile, choosing a stealth-like way to show wealth is what Quiet Luxury is all about.

Nothing vulgar, gaudy or flashy. Flamboyant luxury is tacky. Posh wealth is discreet. Quality material, unique craftsmanship, exclusive fabrics and high-end pieces that can be passed down, are the characteristics of the furnishings of this booming trend.

Photo Credit: WeWood

9. Rich colour palettes paired with neutrals 

Colour combinations are continuously evolving. The latest craze is pairing rich shaded palettes with neutrals. Take for instance a sage green, or violet, or indigo and match them with a more delicate hue. The result is mind-blowing.

This vogue gives a restorative impact to the interior design and simultaneously it also releases a vibrant and inspiring energy. You basically get the best of opposite moods: the calming vibe and the dynamic drive.

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10. Murals, indoor and outdoor

If you’re an art lover you’re surely familiar with trompe-l’œil, a painting on wall that deceives the eye because of its realistic depiction. Now that murals are back, this form of representation with outstanding verisimilitude is bound to have a boost.

Indoors and outdoors murals in general will be à la mode for 2024. So be prepared to transform your interior and exterior walls with some modern frescos, that no one will be able to steal from you.

Get the look here.

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