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ASEEB: Redefining Sustainable Living In Saudi Arabia

ASEEB: Redefining Sustainable Living In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is making strides towards sustainable living with projects like ASEEB

By Bec Gregory

When you think of Saudi Arabia, sustainability is probably the last thing that comes to mind. After all, the country’s wealth comes from oil. And its climate usually means air-con is a must for much of the year.

But certain developers, such as Thabat Real Estate Development, are trying to change that image.

The company has recently won several Luxury Lifestyle Awards, including Best Luxury Sustainable Residential Community, for “ASEEB”.

ASEEB stands as evidence that sustainable living in Saudi Arabia is possible. The project’s smart infrastructure, green integration, and forward-thinking design set it apart in the realm of modern urban development.

Project Overview

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

ASEEB is a visionary project that encompasses three residential land plots that have been meticulously partitioned and developed to harmonise with future living ideals.

Nestled in a prime location at the heart of Tharwa Town, ASEEB’s strategic positioning adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility for its residents. With a keen focus on innovation, sustainability, and smart infrastructure, this project stands as a testament to modern urban development principles.

Central to the “ASEEB” project’s design philosophy is the rekindling of historical climate control methods. These traditionally focused on the inner courtyard as a vital element. This tried and true Arabic approach makes sense. It transforms the courtyard into a cooling ventilation zone during summers and a moderate ventilation zone in winter.

The courtyard’s pivotal role in ventilation aligns with Thabat Real Estate Development’s sustainable living ethos. By strategically leveraging this feature, the project curtails our modern reliance on air conditioning. This results in lower energy consumption, reduced utility bills, and a more positive environmental impact.

The project’s commitment to sustainability extends to locally sourced materials. It emphasises eco-friendly elements like stones and marble. The result? Minimal environmental impact and carbon emissions.

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

Innovative Sustainability Practices

Thabat Real Estate Development’s dedication to sustainable living is evident other innovative practices implemented in the ASEEB project, too.  These are listed below.

1. Modern Screens for Enhanced Living

The project integrates modern screens on the facades of its residential villas. These serve multiple purposes, including:
environmental treatment, solar control and aesthetic enhancement.

By regulating sunlight and providing thermal comfort, these screens reduce the need for excessive air conditioning, leading to significant energy savings.

Additionally, they offer privacy and security while adding to the overall architectural charm. 

2. Climate Control Screens

Solar control screens are a shining example of Thabat Real Estate Development’s commitment to sustainable design.

By reducing direct sunlight penetration into living spaces, these screens enhance energy efficiency and resident comfort. This strategic move not only contributes to a reduced carbon footprint but also aligns with Saudi Arabia’s sustainable development objectives. 

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3. Eco-Friendly Water Techniques

Thabat Real Estate Development’s environmentally conscious approach extends to water management, too. Which is, of course, essential in the desert!

ASEEB incorporates a biological DIV grey water system and a vertical flow constructed wetland. These systems treat and recycle wastewater for non-potable uses like garden irrigation and toilet flushing.  Additionally, the project integrates rainwater harvesting. These practices reduce water consumption, preserve precious resources, and exemplify responsible water usage.

4. Sustainable Materials

Thabat Real Estate Development is unwavering in its commitment to using sustainable building materials. The company sources locally, prioritising eco-friendly, durable, and energy-efficient materials. By doing so, they minimise their environmental impact, enhance aesthetics, and create spaces that foster well-being.

eco friendly house saudi arabia

sustainable houses in saudi arabia

“ASEEB” by “Thabat Real Estate Development”

It’s About People, Too

Thabat Real Estate Development’s ASEEB project is about people, too.

Their team of seasoned professionals, including architects, engineers, and designers, all collaborate closely with clients. This collaborative effort ensures a deep understanding of their client’s requirements and aspirations. This results in tailored solutions that perfectly align with their visions and ecological expectations.

With its focus on sustainability, Thabat Real Estate Development continues to usher in a new era of urban living, redefining the Saudi Arabian landscape for a brighter, greener future.

For more information about Thabat Real Estate Development’s ASEEB project, visit their official website here.


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