The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

They deserve to live their best life, right? So here are some of the best eco friendly pet beds for cats and dogs

By Diane Small

Being a pet parent isn’t easy. Our fur babies rely on us for the healthiest food, toys, and bedding. Unfortunately, most of those things are of poor quality. I mean, how hard is it to find a pet toy that doesn’t contain plastic, for example? And the same goes for pet beds.

Almost all the pet beds I’ve seen in my local vet are made cheaply from polyester and plastic. Not good! Especially for pups that tend to chew anything in sight, or kitties whose tongues slip when they’re washing themselves, and lap up the fibres of whatever they’re lying on. No wonder cats and dogs are also affected more quickly by toxins in the home than humans are! And no wonder cat and dog cancers are on the rise.

So, if you’re looking for the best eco friendly beds for pets, what would that entail?

What to look for in sustainable beds for pets


As with beds for humans, we’d advise avoiding all forms of synthetic foams. These can lead to all kinds of health problems. The same goes for any fabric finishings such as formaldehyde and fire retardants. Natural materials, such as organic cotton, wool, natural latex or even hemp, won’t carry these issues.

To be sure you’re buying eco friendly beds for your pets, check for labels such as GOTS, Fair Trade, and OEKO-TEX. That way, you can rest assured that whatever material your sustainable pet bed is made of, it won’t cause harm. To your pet, or the planet!

Machine Washable

Since they’re going to be pretty much always covered in fur, and since they’re prone to getting flea and tick eggs embedded in them, the best eco friendly pet beds should be super easy to clean. Beds with removable covers are ideal (but can be hard to find). Machine washable materials are also great. But here’s a great tip! You can always cover your pet beds in sheets for extra cleanliness.


I have no idea why, but many pet bed manufacturers seem to enjoy making their products in gaudy colours with cartoon prints. I’m sure Fido and Fluffy don’t mind, but I do! Not chic, not decor friendly! So, we tried to include eco friendly pet beds with decent aesthetics in our list, below.


Does your dog sleep on a cold, stone floor? Then ensure he or she is comfy by getting a thick, fluffy bed. Live in a hot climate? You might want a thinner model with smoother fabric. Is your pet old? Consider an orthopedic or ergonomic design.

If you have a smaller fur baby that loves to stretch out when sleeping, it’s a good idea to get a larger bed. The goal is comfort, so you want to give your dog the ability to stretch, roll over, reposition and fall right back to sleep.

1. Avocado

Avocado’s pet beds are about as eco friendly as they get! They’re GOTS-certified organic, anti-odour, and antimicrobial. Here’s how they’re made.

It starts with a layer of  GOLS-certified organic latex on top of three inches of breathable coconut husk. All of that is then covered with a waterproof organic cotton liner that comes in 4 colours. and a removable, sweat-absorbing organic cotton cover.

The result? A durable, soft, cool mattress that delivers orthopedic support for your pup.

Price: $298

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Elderly animals.

Caveats? It’s definitely on the expensive side.

The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

2. Molly Mutt

Ohh, we love the concept behind Molly Mutt’s beds! The brand takes sustainability to a new level with its line of beloved dog mattresses.

Every second, a garbage truck’s worth of textiles are landfilled or burned. But Molly Mutt’s beds help you reuse your old clothes, pillows, and blankets. Stuff each bed with these textiles, and your dog will be calmed and comforted by their favourite scent: you! This is the perfect scenario for animals with separation anxiety.

Of course, these beds are also easily washable, breathable, and durable, and there are over 30 covers and colours to choose from.

Price: From $35

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Anxious pets.

Caveats? You need to have old textiles you can use to stuff the bed.

The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

3. Nido Organic Cat Bed

Taking its name from the Italian word of “nest”, Nido Organic Cat Bed features a simple, round, concave shape that’s lined with the comfiest organic fillings to provide your kitty with a cozy and safe sleeping experience. Its elegant and ergonomic design accommodates your cat’s preferred “curled-up” position. This bed is eco-friendly and durable, and it features a removable machine-washable pillow.

Price: $75

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Putting on top of your bed so you can cuddle up with Fluffy, but get a good night’s sleep, too!

Caveats? Well, you know how cats are. They’ll either love this, or ignore it completely!

The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

4. Brentwood Home

If you’ve been searching for a pet bed that looks stylish in your home, your search is over! Brentwood Home’s orthopedic, therapeutic, calming, durable, machine-washable dog bed is just perfect. It features a waterproof liner and replaceable cover. And the best part? The beds run from small to extra large, meaning they’re ideal for everything from kittens to collies.

Price: $189

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Being a stylish addition to your home.

Caveats? The price may be a bit high for some.

The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

5. Parachute

Sometimes, the simplest bed is the best. And Parachute’s pillow bed exemplifies this beautifully! Their pet bed features a stonewashed cotton canvas cover that’s easy to clean. The insert has a water-repellent shell and is filled with hypoallergenic microfibre.

Price: From $26

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Throwing just about anywhere.

Caveats? The stuffing isn’t particularly eco friendly.

The Best Eco Friendly Pet Beds For Cats & Dogs

See Also

6. Woolygon Cat Bed

I have a feeling most cats (and even small dogs) will love this bed! It was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by high-quality craftsmen from 100% natural organic and environmentally friendly merino wool, which repels odours, dirt and stains. This product gets rave reviews. Apparently, it’s a popular choice with cat mamas and papas/

Price: $39

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Shy kitties in cold climates.

Caveats? As it’s made of wool, it’s not the easiest pet bed to wash.

wool cat bed

7. Delilah Home Pet Bed

With Delilah Home’s pet beds, premium organic cotton covers are stuffed with recycled PET-recycled bottle fibres to make a bed that’s soft and comfy. The cover is fully removable and machine washable.

Price: $39

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Medium to small sized dogs, cats.

Caveats? Options are limited. There’s only one size, and two colours (pink or grey).

sustainable dog bed

8. Savvy Rest

There’s a lot to love about this bed by Savvy Rest! Its core is shredded organic latex, while its inner lining is organic cotton canvas. Plus, it’s easy to wash, and comes in black or white. There’s a kitty bed or a doggy bed. And if you wish, you can buy a bed frame for your pet’s mattress, too. Fancy!

Price: $119

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Medium to small sized dogs or cats.

Caveats? Not suitable for large dogs.

sustainable cat bed

9. Buffalo Check Envelope Dog Bed

Made from eco-friendly recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, this cushy bed is modelled after an oversized pillow. It’s perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes, as it comes in small, medium or large. We love how the removable, machine-washable cover makes it easy to clean.

Price: $120

One of the best eco friendly pet beds for: Pets of all sizes.

Caveats? Well, ultimately it’s made of plastic.

sustainable dog bed

Diane Small
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