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Meet The Eluxe Award Winners 2024!

Meet The Eluxe Award Winners 2024!

The winners of the Eluxe Awards 2024 are very worthy – and you might love some of these new brands!

By Diane Small

We’re excited to share the winners of the 9th annual Eluxe Awards​!

The greenest, most sustainable, eco and vegan brands in the world of luxury are honoured through the annual Eluxe Awards.

The Eluxe Awards deeply appreciates brands and individuals that are working towards affecting positive change for people, animals, and the planet. The Awards were the first of their kind for excellence in sustainable luxury when they were launched in 2015.

Eluxe Magazine was founded by eco-luxury pioneer Chere Di Boscio in Paris in 2013. Since then, Eluxe Magazine has become a leading voice in the realm of sustainable fashion, beauty, vegan food and ethical travel.

Categories for the 2024 awards nominees were focused on sustainable homes, cosmetics and fashion brands.

Categories included the following:

    • Best Sustainable Home Brand
    • Best Vegan Skincare Brand
    • Best Ethical Brand of 2024
    • Best Up And Coming Ethical Fashion Brand
    • Vegan Brand of the Year
    • Best Sustainable Home Brand

The judging panel consists of experts in ethical luxury including: TV personality Vanessa Rae; Trashion Forward Author Kenny Jackson-Forest; sustainable artist and film critic Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, and others.

To see all the nominees for 2024, click here. And now, we are excited to present the winners!

And The Eluxe Awards 2024 Winners Are…

Meet The Winners Of The Eluxe Awards 2024

Best Up And Coming Ethical Brand

Congratulations to REMI!

This waterless beauty brand has so much going for it. Firstly, by removing water, the brand has minimised the size of their plant based products, while maximising the potency of the natural ingredients. Ultimately, the result is seriously reduced packaging and shipping.

REMI only uses certified organic botanicals and native extracts that have been chosen for their medicinal properties and beneficial effect on the skin. Petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and perfumes are avoided at all costs.
Their moisturisers are also Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, MADE SAFE®, Allergy Free®, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free certified is a testament to their highest quality and safety.

We also loved the fact that the products are the result of regenerative farming methods.

If you’re wondering how their Moisturiser Stones work, it’s easy. Start by gliding one slowly around your eye area, then cheeks, lips and neck, to release the botanical oils. You can also use upward and outward motions as you would with a guasha stone to relax tension and promote lymphatic drainage.

The Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: Wow, imagine having a moisturiser that comes in the form of a crystal! It seems counter intuitive, but these are compact, innovative, beautiful products that work. 

remi skincare

Best Vegan Skincare Brand

Congratulations to Baie Botanique!

Proving that a beauty brand can be luxurious and effective without testing on or killing animals, Baie Botanique’s skincare products deliver a healthy, glowing complexion using only top quality ingredients. But that’s not all! The brand is happy to take back any packaging to recycle it.

Their Baie Circular Recycling Scheme sends caps, pumps, bottles and other components of their packaging to a specialist recycler, Terracycle, who ensure nothing goes to landfill.

Our Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: The fact that the founder of the brand will give you a free consultation makes this brand truly unique. It’s super easy to book online, too! But if you want some immediate recommendations, you can take their Skin Quiz in 2 minutes. I feel like the founder, Sophie, really cares about her customers. She even tries to keep prices on the lower side so everyone can access clean, potent skincare.

Meet The Winners Of The Eluxe Awards 2024

Best Ethical Brand of 2024

Congratulations to Fabric of Nature!

This fashion label simply couldn’t get more ethical! Fabric of Nature uses all-natural fabrics and dyes, such as those derived from eucalyptus leaves. Upcycled and recycled materials are also favoured, as the designer/owner, Tayla, deconstructs and reconstructs recycled denim and flannel that has been worn, faded and bleached from the sun. She makes each piece herself, by hand.

The Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: I love how Fabric of Nature demonstrates how found materials – be they discarded denims or eucalyptus leaves – can contribute to the creation of luxurious garments.

fabric of nature

Best Sustainable Home Brand

Congratulations to Le Jardin Retrouve!

This family run, French luxury home brand creates candles, scented stem diffusers and pillow sprays. All fragrances are created using classic French perfumery, and 90 to 99% of their certified ingredients are completely natural, and ethically sourced, too.

The vegan brand also offers set of 24 beautiful oracle cards, with a guide to help you perform simple rituals at home. Each card is wonderfully illustrated with designs inspired by nature and gardens, and is named after a positive energy.

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The Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: The Oracle Cards are so cool and beautiful, WANT!
Who wouldn’t want a guide to create rituals at home that help manifest positive energy? This is a great gift and a fun tool for self-care. I also love how you make the connection between scent and well being/wellness.

scent diffuser

Best Ethical Fashion Brand

Congratulations to Green Embassy!

Green Embassy’s eco-fashion designs are 100% created by hand in Australia. Fabrics used are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), the leading standards for quality assurance in organic textiles manufacturing worldwide.

Using traditional handmade techniques, these wearable pieces of art elevate slow fashion to a whole new level. In addition, the brand adheres to the highest levels of integrity around labour conditions, social justice and production practices.

The Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: There’s clearly a lot of thought and love that goes into these designs. It’s a shame that alpaca and merino wool are used though, as these can harm animals.

Too often sustainable brands lack style and are uninspiring.Thank you for making sustainable fashion NOT boring. 

Meet The Winners Of The Eluxe Awards 2024

Best Vegan Brand Of The Year

Congratulations to The Organic Skin Co!

Obviously, we love that this skincare and cosmetics brand for men and women is based mainly on fully organic, plant based ingredients. But it’s also awesome thanks to its highly sustainable packaging! For example, we love their recycled aluminium tubes, bamboo caps, and compostable paper boxes. Wherever possible, the aim to avoid plastic, replacing it with glass, bamboo, and ecopulp.

The Eluxe Awards 2024 judges said: Thank you for addressing “vegan washing”. It makes it much more difficult for buyers to find products that are vegan, sustainable, non toxic, and that actually benefit the skin. 

The eco tips that pop up on the site are cute and useful for online shoppers. I love the one about finding a tailor to transform old clothing into something fresh and current, for example.

organic skin co


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