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Eco Homes Magazine wants you to live better. Greener. Cleaner.

That’s why we’re bringing you information about everything from how to do a more sustainable new build or renovation, to where to find organic food for you or your beloved pets.

And speaking of food – we also share some of our favourite recipes to make, so you spend more time enjoying your time in the kitchen! In keeping with being eco-friendly, these are all plant-based, of course.

Eco Homes is the sister publication of Eluxe Magazine. In case you didn’t know, Eluxe was the world’s first ever sustainable luxury lifestyles publication. Check it out here.

Here’s to more sustainable living!

Eco Home Magazine

The Staff


Chere Di Boscio
Founder & Editor in Chief

Chere has always loved writing, fashion and languages, and holds degrees in Psychology and Art, and postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics and Education. Her long career in journalism spans several continents: she’s edited and written for prestigious fashion magazines in Toronto, Dubai, Paris, London and Buenos Aires, and also taught at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London for over a decade.

Lora Obrien

Lora O’Brien
Food Editor

After graduating in Journalism from the University of Greenwich, Lora worked for Sugar and Healing Lifestyles magazines in London before being hired to write about food for Eluxe Magazine. She’s recently become a new mom to baby Lulla, and is writing a blog about the experience.

Diane Small

Diane Small
Senior Features Writer

A University of Texas journalism graduate and serious chocolate enthusiast, Diane was a sub-editor at the Houston Chronicle before falling pregnant. Today, she is the proud mom of two kids under the age of three, writes for various publications in between nappy changes and feedings.

Chiara Gabardi

Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi
Senior Features Writer

Based in Italy, our Features Writer Chiara is also a film critic and an award-winning artist, with a special interest in eco-friendly art. She has spoken on television, radio and podcasts about everything from vegan fashion to Italian film. You can see her work and learn more about her here.

Bec Gregory

Bec Gregory
Beauty and Wellnes Editor

Based in Cheshire, Bec has over 20 years’ experience in the beauty and wellness industry. She holds a degree in Cosmetic Science from the world-renowned London College of Fashion. She is currently studying a master’s in journalism at the University of Derby. Her most recent projects explore spiritual life in Britain and the effects of female-centred spirituality on women’s wellness. Follow her on Instagram here.