10 Sustainable Home Subscription Boxes

These sustainable home subscription boxes cover everything from decor and flowers to recycling and DIY!

By Bec Gregory

Supporting ethical subscription boxes is a fabulous way to find earth-friendly alternatives for your home. It can also help you to discover niche brands, and support small businesses and artisans. Plus, the surprise and delight of unboxing carefully curated items just for you is super enjoyable!

They’re great value for money, too, offering significant savings compared to buying each item individually. And they’re delivered straight to your door, saving you time and effort.

Sending an annual subscription box as a gift is also a great idea. This lets someone dear to you know that you care about them throughout the year. Which is why they’re particularly excellent for loved ones you don’t get to see as often as you would like. In short, giving or receiving a subscription box is a joy!

Here below, our picks of the best subscription boxes for your home stand out for their beauty, value for money, and commitment to sustainability.

10 Home-Based Subscription Boxes You’ll Love

1. Earthlove

What you get: Seasonal eco goodies for your home and garden, plus fashion accessories, self-care items, clean skincare, and other products that are kind to the planet and boost your wellbeing! You’ll get up to ten full-sized products in each box. Delivered four times per year (one every quarter). Each seasonal box gives back to an environmental cause, too.

Ethics: Fair trade, sustainable, cruelty-free, gives back

Price: Around £160-£185 (box value is always $200+).

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Seasonal eco wellness goodies.

2. Alltrue

What you get: 6-8 sustainable, full-size products every season, at sample-size prices! You’ll get a vast array of products that cater for every aspect of your lifestyle. I’m talking about everything from accessories and jewellery to clean skincare, homeware, and more!

Ethics: Sustainable materials

Price: $64.95 (box value is up to $250+)

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Sustainable swaps made affordable.

10 Great Subscription Boxes For Your Home

3. Vellabox 

What you get: In-season scents curated just for you. VellaBox sources candles from the best artisan candle makers in the USA. Every candle is vegan and made with 100% natural wax, such as soy, coconut, or vegetable-based waxes. They’ve got cotton wicks, and clean fragrance, too. Each month you’ll receive a natural candle with a new theme. Plus, you’ll get a surprise lifestyle item and a curated playlist to listen to while you relax with your candle!

Ethics: Natural, non toxic materials

Price: From $12, delivered monthly

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Natural artisan candles.


4. BloomsyBox

What you get: Did you know that flowers can be pretty darned unsustainable? From pesticides used to air miles travelled, they can seriously be a disaster! Luckily, BloomsyBox offers beautiful eco-friendly blooms from sustainable farms. You’ll get thoughtfully designed bouquets with the freshest, most ethically sourced flowers delivered to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Ethics: Organic, plastic free

Price: From $59.99

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Eco-friendly flowers to make your house cheery all year round!

Sustainable Subscription Boxes For Your Home

5. Norlii

What you get: Have you heard of the Scandinavian concept of hygge? It’s the Danish lifestyle concept that embraces the comfort and contentment found in cherishing the simple things, such as creating a cosy atmosphere and spending time with loved ones. The Norlii box sends home decor, kitchenware, throws, pillows, vases, candle holders, prints and wall decor, office accessories, and more. They’re all inspired by hygge, and made of natural materials like wood, wool, and wax.

Ethics: Natural materials

Price: $74.95 per box with a bi-monthly plan.

Delivers to: Worldwide

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Fans of Scandi or Japandi home décor.

Sustainable Home Subscription Boxes

6. Project Home DIY

What you get: Love crafting? The Project Home DIY box will send you all the stuff you need to create high quality projects. This box takes the stress out of crafting by delivering everything you need straight to your doorstep. And it also helps get those creative juices going. You never know what you might end up making! It could be anything from all-natural candles, beautiful picture frames, Christmas decorations…you name it!

Ethics: DIY, sustainable materials

Price: From $49.99

Delivers to: Worldwide

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Getting crafty.

Sustainable Home Subscription Boxes

7. Terracycle Zero Waste Box

What you get: This is not your typical subscription box! The Zero Waste Box by Terracycle allows you to recycle EVERYTHING that isn’t accepted by curb side recycling and keep waste out of landfills. What a great idea! Simply fill up your Zero Waste Box and ship it back using the prepaid shipping label that’s affixed to the box. Reorder to continue recycling.

Ethics: Zero waste

Price: From $105

Delivers to: US, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Recycling household waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

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8. Globein

What you get: Fairtrade artisan goods from all over the world! If shopping at markets to find unique treasures is one of your favourites things to do when travelling, you’re going to love this subscription box! It contributes to job creation and fair wages for artisans around the world. Discover the kind of hand-crafted  products you’d find in a bustling market in India, Turkey or Morocco. You’ll also get to know the story behind your products and the talented artisans who make them.

The best bit? You get to select the products! They offer a box builder option where subscribers can choose 3 hand-crafted products from over 30 popular items (valued between $70-$100).

Ethics: Fair trade, small business

Price: From around $50

Delivers to: US and Canada

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Hand-crafted, fair-trade products.

Sustainable Home Subscription Boxes

9. Succulents Box 

What you get: Honestly, I believe you can never have enough plants. And that’s why I love this box concept so much. Every month, you’ll get a surprise set of succulents! There could be 1,2,3, or even 4 beauties delivered every month. Grow your collection and enjoy nurturing a masterpiece of nature. They’ve got an air plant subscription box, too!

Ethics: Natural, organic

Price: From $5, delivered monthly.

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Plant lovers. And also for those just learning how to have green thumbs – succulents are really easy to take care of!

succulents box

10. Green Up Box 

What you get: The best eco-friendly, plastic free swaps for your home. Each Green Up Box contains a curated collection of swaps for one area of your life. You’ll discover the best swaps for your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, cleaning closet, personal care routine and more! It’s a great way to find tried and tested greener alternatives. All items are vegan (or you can also choose ‘beegan’ boxes).

There are 6-10 full size products in every box, and all products have green, plastic-free, zero-waste, and clean credentials. Plus, they’re all made by small businesses dedicated to making sustainable products.

Ethics: Vegan, plastic free, zero waste

Price: $54.95 per box, delivered quarterly.

Delivers to: US only.

One of the best sustainable home subscription boxes for: Plastic free swaps for your home

Sustainable Home Subscription Boxes

What’s your favourite of these sustainable home subscription boxes? Please comment below, we’d love to know!

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