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The Biophilic Interiors Of BLUEGR Hotels

The Biophilic Interiors Of BLUEGR Hotels

Our inherent desire to connect with nature in the modern built environment is shifting aesthetics in architecture and interior design. And the biophilic interiors of BLUEGR hotels is a great example of this!

By Bec Gregory

Biophilia is the hypothesis that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Such connections are beneficial to all we humans, too, of course. It originates from the Greek meaning “love of life.” And it’s transforming interior design.

Biophilic design is an approach in architecture and interiors that seeks to connect occupants more closely to nature. It’s especially gaining momentum in hotels, as more travellers crave a connection to nature. The main goal of this design approach? To improve an occupant’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The urban landscape is rapidly expanding, with 56% of the world’s population (4.4 billion) already living in cities. Considering the added impact of the pandemic, lockdowns, and current global uncertainty, it’s not surprising that people are increasingly seeking travel experiences that bring them closer to nature. The biophilic interiors of BLUEGR Hotels is a perfect example of how this can be done.


Biophilic Interiors BLUEGR Hotels

Pioneers in biophilic design in hospitality, BLUEGR Hotels and Resorts located in the landscapes of Greece are creating more meaningful client experiences through designing properties that intimately connect guests with nature.

For more than 50 years, BLUEGR Hotels and Resorts has been at the forefront of defining excellence in the hospitality industry. And everything they do is anchored in eco-conscious practices.

BLUEGR Hotels’ biophilia informed interiors are a testament to their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed! The company has recently won the International Sustainable Award for Exemplary Eco-Practices from the prestigious global awards organisation Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

As you step into any BLUEGR property, you’re not just checking into a hotel but embarking on a journey where every element reflects a commitment to top-tier quality, authentic experiences, and profound respect for the environment.

BLUEGR operates three top-tier resorts in Crete – Minos Beach art hotel, Minos Palace hotel & suites, and Candia Park village – nestled in scenic Mirabello Bay near Agios Nikolaos and Elounda.

Additionally, Life Gallery Athens, a luxurious five-star boutique design hotel, offers tranquillity on the city’s outskirts. And to the East, Sunprime Miramare Park suites & villas in Rhodes embody beachfront luxury and exceptional facilities.


Biophilic Interiors BLUEGR Hotels

The beautiful biophilic interiors at BLUEGR Hotels and Resorts incorporate an abundance of natural elements. You’ll find natural materials such as locally sourced wood and stone, eco-friendly fabrics in nature-inspired colours and patterns, and indigenous plants and vegetation, all bringing the tranquil energy of nature inside.

A nature-inspired colour palette fosters a more palpable connection to the natural world and enhances the relationship between the interiors and the natural surroundings. Plus, the use of colours found in nature creates a harmonious feel to the interiors.

The interiors mimic patterns, forms and textures found in nature to further create a natural environment atmosphere. And the use of raw textures throughout the interiors results in a more stripped-back aesthetic that expertly blends simplicity with luxury.

Sustainable Design

The Biophilic Interiors Of BLUEGR Hotels The Biophilic Interiors Of BLUEGR Hotels

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The use of mixed natural materials creatively combines diverse textures with superlative effects. Rough wood works aside metal; smooth glass combines with raw textiles. And the density of stone contrasts the transparency of glass. This all adds  interest, richness, and depth to the interiors.

Additionally, their commitment to sustainable design elevates the ambience. Nature-inspired art and artisanal craftsmanship enhance the sensory experience. It also fosters a deeper connection between guests and the natural world. From intricately crafted wooden furnishings to locally sourced, handwoven textiles, the interiors offer an abundance of meaningful human-nature interactions.

But the hotel cares about people, too. The company is committed to buying local decor and food. It also predominately employs local talent. In this way, guests are offered a genuine immersion into Grecian culture and traditions.

Blurring The Lines

Biophilic Interiors BLUEGR Hotels

BLUEGR Hotels’ biophilic interiors blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. This gives occupants the feeling of being completely infused in nature. A mix of terraces, outdoor lounges, private balconies, and pools work to immerse guests in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Greece.

The interiors maximise natural lighting, too. This is done through floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. An abundance of sunlight floods into the space and offer undisrupted views. One great example? The Minos Palace Hotel & Suites takes the meaning of sea views to the next level with its 360° sea panoramas!

By creating such experiences, BLUEGR’s properties connect us with nature, sure. But they also act as a reminder that we ARE nature, not separate from it.

They’re not just trailblazers for the present, but visionaries for future generations. The hotel group proves that a dedication to the planet can align with global standards of excellence. And BLUEGR Hotels biophilic interiors reminds us all of how important that connection to nature truly is.

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