How To Do The Eccentric Kitchen Trend Sustainably

Say goodbye to your minimalist kitchen! Here’s how to do the eccentric kitchen trend sustainably

By Chere Di Boscio

Kitchen decor has remained pretty stable for the past few decades. Pretty much since the 80s, you could choose between country style kitchens, or clean, modernist cooking areas. The former were usually painted some shade of white and boasted more elaborate features. Think: carved cupboards, farmhouse sinks and wood countertops.

The latter specialised in high tech appliances, lots of chrome, marble, and a neutral colour palette.

But today? No minimalist aesthetic is safe! And that’s thanks to the eccentric kitchens trend.

They say the party always moves to the kitchen. But sometimes, the kitchen is the party. Especially when it’s packed with thrifted finds, vintage appliances, plants and jarring pops of paint. And that basically defines this new aesthetic. Or should I say…old aesthetic?

Because, as you’ve probably gathered by now, whatever is old is new again. I’m talking about kitschy nicknacks, crafty ceramics, plate collections and vintage appliances.

Ready to learn how you can get the the eccentric kitchens trend for yourself, in the most sustainable way possible? Read on!

How To Do The Kitschy Kitchen Trend, Sustainably

1. Ice Cream Parlour Colours

The kitschy kitchen trend is defined by colour. Gone are the days of boring, monochrome kitchens. Now, it’s all about pastel hues. Think: mint green, bubblegum pink, or violet, for example.

Don’t be shy with the paint! You can go whole hog, as in the image below. But if you’re not really sure, dip your toe in the trend by perhaps starting out by painting only your cupboards, for example. Then take it from there!

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: By using non-toxic paints, of course!


2. Decorative collections

Remember how granny had those plate collections? Or how Aunt Betsy displayed her little ceramic dogs in the dining room? Well, clearly, they were on to something. Because now, decorative collections are all the rage! And the more authentically vintage or antique, the better.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: By scouring antiques and flea markets for treasures to display. Build in lots of shelves or display cabinets into your kitchen for this very purpose. Using sustainably sourced woods, of course!

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Funky Rugs

I know what you’re thinking: food in fabric. And yes, I feel you. Rugs in the kitchen can get dirty fast. Which is why you should follow these rules:

1. Use rugs, not carpet. The idea is to accent your room, not to keep the floor warm from wall to wall!

2. Ensure the rug is washable.

3. Keep it in the middle of the room, as opposed to right beside the stove or counter, where spills are most likely to happen.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: Look for natural fibres, like jute, cotton or rattan.

Image credit: Future Dan Duchars

4. Formica

Formica is a composite material that was invented in 1912. It has several uses, including kitchen countertops. It’s defined by its stone-like texture, and the colourful patterns it affords. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly eco-friendly. But it is making a huge comeback in terms of adding some kitsch to your kitchen!

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: If you don’t want to use actual Formica, you can still get this look by painting a wood countertop in a pastel hue, then adding stencilled patterns, such as triangles.

Image: Pinterest

5. Checkerboard Floors

This is a super classic look that goes with many different kinds of decor. Traditionally, the checkers were made of linoleum, which doesn’t sound very natural. But you’d be surprised! It’s actually made from biodegradable materials like linseed oil, cork dust, pine resin, and wood flour.

Linoleum is also durable, easy to clean, water-resistant, and fire retardant, making it an excellent choice for busy families looking for safe, low-maintenance flooring.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: Linoleum, of course!

Image credit: Chasing Paper

6. Curved Furniture

Say goodbye to sharp corners and embrace curved countertops instead! These will lend your kitchen a 1950’s ice cream parlour vibe. Especially if you paint them in pastel shades! Top them with some Formica counters, and add some checkerboard tiles to your floors for the perfect look.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: You’ll probably have to get this custom made. Ensure you’re using FSC standard wood.

Image: Pinterest

7. Touches of Gold or Brass

Silver and chrome are so 1980’s. They’re cold, and sleek, and best suit modernist and minimalist kitchens. Instead, warm your kitchen up with touches of gold or brass. I’m talking about everything from cupboard handles and taps to lamps and hooks. Just make sure all the metal in your kitchen matches, or it’s going to look a bit too eccentric!

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Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: Search in antiques markets for old brass handles. And polish them up, of course! Toothpaste is an easy way to do so.

Image: AI Interiors

8. Crafty Ceramics

Ceramics can make or break a kitchen’s aesthetics. Choose them right, and they can be an outstanding feature that makes people go ‘oooh!’ every time they see them. Look for colours, patterns and textures that warm your heart, and complement your current decor. Even if you don’t renovate your whole kitchen, a change of ceramics or splash backs can make a huge difference.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: Search artisan markets and stores. Or, if you’re crafty, make your own!

Image: AI Interiors

9. Breakfast Nooks

They’re cozy, they’re comfy, and they’re perfect for hanging out with friends in. So we’re thrilled that breakfast nooks are making a comeback! Unlike your typical dining table, these feature cushions and softer seating – namely in the form of booths!

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: Find a corner of your kitchen that’s suitable build in an L shaped booth. You can either hire a carpenter to do this, or if you’re on a serious budget, you can DIY it with some wood palettes. Top them off with velvet covered foam pads.


breakfast nook

10. Vintage Appliances

Candy colours, curved lines and zero plastic define vintage appliances. No wonder they’re in such high demand! These look great on your countertop, and if you find actual vintage pieces, you’ll be shocked and delighted to learn that they’re actually much more durable and functional than the plastic garbage that’s sold today.

Best way to get this eccentric kitchens trend: eBay and have loads of vintage appliances to choose from.

Chere Di Boscio
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