8 Of The Best Eco Friendly Paint Brands

Using eco friendly paint brands to decorate your home is important. Here’s why

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

When you’re painting your walls, you might feel a bit ill. Dizzy. Breathless. And it’s probably not from the exertion of it all.

The real reason is probably something called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These chemicals that are a major source of indoor air pollution and can have a range of health effects, from minor irritations to chronic respiratory issues.

VOCs are also a big factor in the creation of smog, and can be found in everything from candles and air fresheners to furniture and of course, paint.

Luckily, there are today more and more eco friendly paint brands. These low-VOC paints are a safer, more sustainable alternative that work well for those with allergies, sensitivities to smell, or kids and pets.

However, most eco friendly paints will still off-gas some VOCs, so it’s a good idea to always open your doors and windows when you’re painting, and turn on a fan if you can. But the difference is this: as soon as they dry, there will be no VOCs emitted from your walls. That’s not the case for traditional paints, which can release fumes for long periods of time.

Here’s an important tip: what’s considered low VOC can vary from paint to paint. So it’s wise look for certifications like GreenWise or GreenGuard, This will help confirm the product you’re purchasing has been rigorously tested to ensure it makes minimal impact on your health and the planet.

Eco Friendly Paint Brands

And don’t forget this bit!

Low-VOC paints may be the better option for your health and the environment, but that doesn’t mean leftovers can just be tossed into the bin. Make sure to, call your local authorities to schedule a pickup or look up instructions at your nearest recycling centre. Or even better yet: save your extra paint for when you might need it for a touch up.

When stored with a secure lid and kept away from extreme temperatures, paint can last for up to two years or more.

Non Toxic Paint Brands To Try

Eco Friendly Paint Brands

1. Earthborn

Founded in 2002, Earthborn sets the benchmark for eco friendly paint brands. They feature durability, breathability and no nasty smells. Each collection across the range is virtually VOC free and is formulated to be healthier to live with, for both properties and people. It’s not only the paint that is eco-conscious, though. Earthborn’s tins are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable too, as are their colour cards.

Earthborn’s paints come in a range of finishes to suit the needs of every customer, from interior designers to home decorators. Renowned for its superior coverage and distinctive finish, the highly breathable Claypaint collection is the most popular in Earthborn’s range.

It’s available in 72 shades, and the ultra matt finish softens and enhances the light in a room. Of course it’s odour, oil and acrylic free.

Based: UK

Eco Friendly Paint Brands

2. Farrow & Ball

This is probably one of the best known eco friendly paint brands. Farrow & Ball uses pigmented paints that function both with water based long-lasting finishes. Each colour comes in a recyclable metal tin. This approach allows to achieve the lowest emissions and cut down on waste, whilst using a varnish that is cruelty-free.

Much loved by decorators, Farrow & Ball succeeds in reducing its impact on the earth, yet provides a very high quality paint. Their products allow for a better indoor air quality, and provide a wide range of trendy hues.

Based: Worldwide

Eco Friendly Paint Brands

3. Sherwin Williams

It’s one of the world’s most well-known companies for home decor. But did you know that Sherwin Williams also has one of the most eco friendly paint brands, too?

Amongst their many products, which include everything from wood stains and primers to wallpapers and glues, Sherwin Williams also provides a brand of green paint. Named Ecoselect, this is a zero VOC interior latex paint line that will transform your home without harm.

Based: USA

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Eco Friendly Paint Brands

4. ECOS Paint 

Most eco friendly paint brands use oils. But ECOS has achieved a gorgeous range of colours based on water.

Their formulae involve a unique technology that combines sustainable ingredients and a proprietary mixing process that avoids chemicals.The benefits of spending time in a room without horrid chemical-based paints is that you won’t run the risk of suffering from headaches or nausea from the fumes. ECOS paints come in a range of finishes, from gloss to matte to satin.

ECOS also offers huge colour choices, thanks to their free colour matching service. This allows you to custom-make the exact shade of your preference. There’s also a healthy range of wood stains, too.

Based: USA

Eco Friendly Paint Brands

5. Clare Paint 

Living in a home with designer-curated hues, that are made out of quality paint, truly makes a difference. This is something that is well-known by Clare Paint, that uses a Zero VOC formula that is GreenGuard Gold Certified.

It all began in 2018 with founder Nicole Gibbons, who was driven by a strong passion for colourful interior design.

She noticed how traditional paint shopping was anachronistic, and wanted to make the experience more contemporary and healthier. And just like that, she created Clare Paint to bring a fresh perspective on how to decorate your home.

Today, this is another of those eco friendly paint brands that is capable of screening hundreds of colour formulations to create the shade of your dreams.

Based: USA

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Eco Friendly Paint Brands

6. Milk Paint

If you are concerned that your little ones (be they fluffy or human) breathe healthy air in your abode, Milk Paint is one of the best non toxic paint brands to try!

Milk Paint provides 56 colours that are 100% environmentally-friendly . Dwayne Siever founded this brand while refinishing antique pieces of furniture back to their original, historical look. He made his own small batches of paint using natural ingredients. The result was so exhilarating he decided to share it with the world.

Today, Milk Paint’s finishes are ideal for not only painting furniture, but walls, too.

Based: Mainly in the USA, with some European outlets

milk paint

7. Graphenstone

This unique company offers an ecological range of products that are recommended for indoor enclosures for people who suffer from chemical intolerances. Their non-toxic paints are perfect for environments ranging from hospitals to nurseries, retirement homes to hotels.

We love that the brand’s motto is “transform your home into a tree.” It sounds incredible, but by simply by using three 15 litre buckets of their paint, this absorbs more than 10Kg of CO2 (during the curing process),  i.e. the same amount as an adult tree weighing 250kg does in one year.

One of the most eco-friendly paint brands, for sure! And one that’s literally helping to improve the state of the planet with every use.

Based: Worldwide



8. Behr

Sure, not all of their products are 100% green. But over 100 of them are! In fact, their non-toxic house paints are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Of course, what that means is that Behr’s GREENGUARD non-toxic paints contribute to cleaner indoor air for your home environment, as GREENGUARD paints are certified for low VOC emissions or meet the MPI Green Performance Standard.

We also love that Behr offers ethical hiring practices, and embraces sustainably-sound processes in their manufacturing, too.

Based: USA/Canada

behr paints

Did we miss any of your favourite eco friendly paint brands? Let us know in the comments, below!

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