How To Raise The Vibration Of Your Home

Not enjoying your time at home? It could be the energy! Here’s how to raise the vibration of your home

By Bec Gregory

Higher the vibe, happier the home! Improve your overall health and wellbeing by raising the vibration of your home. Making small, intentional adjustments to your home environment can create huge energetic shifts that enrich your life.

And I’m not just talking ‘woo’. 

Do you remember from biology class that the atoms making up anything are always vibrating? This means that literally everything has a unique vibration. Bruce Tainio, who built the world’s first frequency monitor, found that a higher vibration at home correlates to better health overall.

Of course, this concept of higher vibration = better health isn’t exactly new. It has been used and accepted for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. After all, everything from Tai Chi exercises to acupuncture work on the notion that energy and vibration flow in and around us. Still, some people misinterpret the concept of frequencies as ‘hippy nonsense’, ‘new age’ or ‘woo.’

But it’s none of that. The notion of higher or lower frequencies affecting how we feel is based on pure science.

While we could present study after study proving this, it’s kind of beyond the point of this article. So how about this? Read on for 17 tips and techniques to make a higher vibrational home. Try a few of them. And see for yourself whether they elevate your energy and make you feel better at home.

What have you got to lose?

18 Tips To Create A Higher Vibrational Home

how to raise vibration at home

1. Burn Herbs

Dispel stagnant energy and bring about positive changes by burning herbs. The best bets? Try smudge sticks, Palo Santo or dried herbs. Just find a fireproof dish, and burn away! Of course, never leave anything burning unattended. Lighting incense will keep the vibe high, too. 

2. Turn Off The TV

If you’re wondering how to raise the vibration of your home pretty much immediately, this will do it! TV – and all similar forms of ‘entertainment’ like Netflix, video games, etc – is generally full of violence, aggression and negativity. Just. Say. NO!

3. Change Colours

Did you know? Switching up your colour palette could raise the vibration of your home. Choose light colours (nothing beats white) for most of your walls. This will brighten your home by reflecting the light back into your space. Tip: go for a matt finish, not high gloss, which can diffuse the light and cast shadows in the room. 

Also add colourful accessories such as throws, cushions, flowers, and other simple elements. These can bring in new vibrations and harness the energy of colours. For example, violet adds spiritual and creative energy, whilst red can enhance motivation and conversation. Green brings balance and harmony, and yellow cheers your mood.

4. Add More Light

Let the sunlight in! The more light, the more good energy. Get as much natural light filtering into your home as possible. Expose windows and opt for lighter, softer colours for curtains. Mirrors will brighten your home, too. Also, open windows regularly to let some fresh air clean up the energy in your home. 

5. Try Aromatherapy

Exquisitely elevate the vibes in your home with the high vibrational aromas of essential  oils. According to research by Bruce Taino of Taino Technology and Dr. Gary Young of Young Living, essential oils have the highest vibrational frequency of any natural substance. They can have a powerful effect on our mood. For example, lavender is calming, while pine clears the mind, and citrus is energising. 

Tip: Rose has the highest vibration at 320 MHz. So why not get yourself some rose essential oils, like, now?

how to raise vibration at home

6. Listen To Music

Music doesn’t just move the body! In fact, sound waves powerfully shift moods and emotions. Listening to your favourite music will instantly raise the vibrational energy of your home. And add dancing for even higher vibes! 

Try some Solfeggio frequencies to create a positive shift. Hymns and chants are powerful, too. Additionally, harness the healing power of sacred sounds in your home by adding a singing bowl, hand drum or gong to shift negative energy and raise the vibration. 

7. Declutter

Where there’s clutter, there’s low vibrations and energetic debris. So tidy surface messes daily. Organise your things well. Identify belongings that are no longer serving you that you can donate or sell. Decluttering your home will clear space for higher vibrations to come through.

8. Keep Pets

Animals are high vibrational beings. They are naturally aligned with higher emotional states such as joy and unconditional love. Having an animal companion in your home will powerfully raise the vibrational frequency and positively impact your emotional wellbeing. In fact, studies show that people who keep pets are healthier, happier and less stressed than those without pets. And did you know that a cat’s purr vibrations are healing to the human body?

how to raise vibration at home

9. Learn Feng Shui

The principles of feng shui can make a serious difference in how you feel at home. They aim to tune into the vibrations of nature and the flow of life force energy (a.k.a. CHI) to bring better health, wealth, and good fortune.

Start by inviting the 5 feng shui elements into your home: fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Use a bagua map  to identify the energy centres of your home to assess which areas of your home may need stimulating to re-energise certain life aspirations. And make sure you don’t have a cluttered corner or a trash can in the wealth and prosperity centre of your home!

10. Change Your Bulbs

The switch to LED lights and the daily use of electronics has rapidly increased our exposure to blue light. Blue wavelengths are disruptive to our sleep hormone levels (melatonin) at night. They throw off the body’s biological clock (the circadian rhythm). The result? Decreased sleep quality and duration. In fact, recent studies have indicated that exposure to blue light at night may contribute to the development of heart conditions, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

Instead, healthier, higher vibrational lighting alternatives include:

  • Using a bulb that emits red light at night. Red wavelengths have been shown to boost melatonin production and improve sleep quality.
  • Trying full spectrum bulbs that block blue light at night.
  • Adding a salt lamp to ionise the air with negative ions to help protect against free radicals. Functional and beautiful organic décor!
  • Going back to traditional tungsten bulbs. These have a calming effect on the mind and emit and softer, healthier light.

how to raise vibration at home

11. Add Plants 

Enhance the energetics of your home by surrounding yourself with plant energy! This might be one of the easiest ways to raise vibration at home. Inviting nature into your house not only elevates the aesthetic, but plants raise the energetic vibration of your home, too. Plus, adding plants could help improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood. 

12. Remove Items That Represent Negativity

The saying “Out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t quite apply when it comes to the energy in your home. Little things like lingering bills, parking fines, and legal letters lying around can subtly impact your home’s overall vibe. In addition, depictions of things like skulls and violence in art, or the presence of loud negative music can disturb the vibes in your home.

Tip: Learning feng shui is a good way to know what represents negativity in your dwelling.

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13. Reduce EMFs

There’s no doubt we’re bombarded daily with electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) produced by our electrical devices. And EMF exposure has the potential to cause damage to our biological systems. In fact, several studies indicate that exposure to EMFs causes oxidative stress in many tissues of the body.

In addition, in 2011, The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer labelled magnetic radiation as a class 3 carcinogen. Symptoms caused by EMF exposure include fatigue, headache, and cognitive impairment.

You can protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF exposure by:  

  • Turning your mobile phone and devices on to airplane mode.
  • Use an EMF shield on your laptop.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi router when you are not using it.
  • Use low EMF bulbs.

Also, add a Himalayan salt lamp to your home. These naturally emit negative ions, ionising the atmosphere and protecting your body against free radical damage. 

14. Use Healing Crystals

Obviously, adding ethically sourced crystals into your space such as clear quartz and selenite will help to raise the vibration. Crystals maintain a constant vibration that can positively impact the energy of your home. Just remember that crystals need to be kept energetically healthy, too! Be sure to regularly cleanse them to reset their vibes.

Tip: sacred sound and smoke are excellent crystal cleansing techniques. 

healing crystals

15. Make Some Moves

Move the energy in your home, physically! Clap your hands and snap your fingers around your head, shoulders, and body. Do the same in the corners of rooms, where negative energy can more easily become trapped. These movements can actually break up toxic blockages and instantly raise energy, according to energy healers. They claim that when we put our bodies in motion and combine them with focused intention, we can introduce fresh energy into our surroundings.

16. Replicate Church Vibes

Churches are well known for having loads of candles devotees can light, and with good reason. By lighting a candle, and setting a positive intention, miracles have been said to happen. When you do this at home, you can also raise the vibration there, too.

17. Add Artwork

Another way to raise the vibration at home is through art. Certain pieces can increase the positive energy in your home. For example, select pieces in soothing colours, or those that feature nature or calming scenes. Choosing frames made from natural materials like wood and metal will further raise the vibration of your home. 

18. Swing A Pendulum

According to Anita Raviele, who performs energy clearing in homes. this one really works!

Take any necklace with something weighty on it to make it spin in circles. Focus on your intention to clear your space of negativity. The pendulum carries your intent.

Stand in a specific room where energy feels stuck. Ask the Divine to remove negative energy from the room while the pendulum spins.

“Get the pendulum started by spinning it in a counterclockwise motion, which removes negative energy,” she instructs. “Then keep your hand still, asking Divine Light to clear negative energy from that room or from your home—or even from a person. Allow it to spin until it stops or it moves in a different direction. Then you know it’s done.”

Do you have anything you do to raise the vibration at home? Let us know in the comments, below!

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